iOS 7.04 update released by Apple, fixing App purchase security flaw

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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iOS settingsApple has released a new version of its mobile operating system, fixing (amongst other things) a serious security flaw that allowed for App and in-App purchases to be made without proper authorisation.

According to an advisory published by the firm, the security flaw (dubbed CVE-2013-5193) allowed signed-in users to complete a transaction without providing a password.

In addition, iOS 7.04 is said to fix a flaw that has caused some users’ Facetime calls to fail, and improvements to iCloud Keychain.

iOS 7.0.4

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Of course, there have been a series of updates since iOS 7 was first released including multiple fixes for security holes that allowed the lockscreen to be circumvented.

Apple has, of course, recommended that users update their versions of iOS as soon as possible. If you want to update your iPhone or iPad, select General / Software Update.

Are you updating your iPhones and iPads to iOS 7.04? If so, have you experienced any problems since updating? Leave a comment below, and have your say.

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20 comments on “iOS 7.04 update released by Apple, fixing App purchase security flaw”

  1. Ade

    "the security flaw … allowed signed-in users to
    complete a transaction with providing a password." That
    should be "without" providing a

  2. Kirti

    How to remove /uninstall the apps on IOS 7.04?

    1. Graham CluleyGraham Cluley · in reply to Kirti

      How to remove an app on iOS 7?

      Nothing has changed from previous versions of iOS.

      Touch and hold an app icon. All of your icons will begin to wobble, and a little 'X' will appear in the top left hand corner. Tap the 'X' on the app you wish to remove.

      Now press your home button, and you're all done.

      1. Gary · in reply to Graham Cluley

        mine will not remove. Pressing the x does nothing. The apps are dimmed and don't work. I just want to remove them. Gary

  3. Suse

    It's wiped the settings in all my apps that allow in-app purchases on the iPad, not just log-ins but all customization. Thus I've lost all preset addresses in my TomTom for example.

    I'm holding off updating my phone until I've made manual copies (pen and paper, guys, pen and paper) of everything I can't bear to lose.

    Not good enough coming from Apple. If this were Microsoft the Apple community would be falling about laughing and crying 'Shame, shame'.

  4. Swajith

    I have faced a problem when using ios7 Some time I am
    unable to unlock my screen, when I swipe my screen the touch pad is
    not working to unlock my screen….that time i am switching off the
    phone..When I am Switching off the phone the touch pad is
    working…..after rebooting it is working fine….Could anyone help
    me out with this issue.

    1. Graham CluleyGraham Cluley · in reply to Swajith

      Have you tried contacting Apple Support, or taking your device to a Genius Bar?

  5. Nicolai

    Since the update I can't find any carrier, it just keeps on seeking!

  6. John

    Halfway through the 7.04 upgrade a note came up saying that
    the upgrade failed. This crashed my phone which I have not been
    able to restart. I have been trying complete restore but so far
    this has failed as well. I am a bit lost, I thought that maybe the
    upgrade was a virus.

  7. Mary Tarpey

    Hi I'm trying to remove apple updates on iOS 7.04
    On my ipad mini I didn't have that problem with iOS 6
    because I could remove it myself it's Annoying when u try
    to u stall it it does disappear From the update but when u install
    it again It reappears in the apple update section again Will u
    please fix it. Thank u.

  8. mates1

    I installed the iOS 7.04 in my ipad mini battery only lasts
    a few hours and it takes about 8 hours to charge

  9. Dude

    Since the 7.04 update I can no longer use my docking
    station. I get a message that the accessory is not supported. Is
    apple now forcing me to buy another apple product?

  10. Jeremy

    When you do an update only through wifi hello not 3G or 4g wifi and plug the device in as instructed by Apple

  11. Malin Johansen

    After I updated my iPhone to iOS 7.04 I can't
    longer turn on my wify. The button is just grey and I
    can't svipe it over. What to do?

  12. Alfredo

    iOS 7.04 update software not working properly

  13. Mark

    Since installing IOS 7.04 on my iPad I can no longer play
    any imported song or song ripped from a CD. Read squares in a red
    circle appear next to each song in the music app and these songs
    are skipped until it finds a purchased song and plays that.
    Imported and ripped songs play fine in iTunes on my laptop. This is
    incredibly annoying and is affecting more and more users, it seems.
    Has Apple acknowledged this issue?

  14. erik

    Bluetooth is not working after upgrade on a brand new ipad,
    worked right before upgrading now it doesnt anymore, several needed
    apps for professional use not even available to download after
    upgrade but available on the app store from older version. Tomorrow
    i will return it to the store for a full refund, since Apple are so
    stupid as not to allow a downgrade to previous software version. I
    suggest everyone with a IOS 7 version to flock to the stores during
    the next week and demand a refund. This is a technical problem from
    apple and they have basically ruined your products functionality
    compared to how it was when you purchased it so i qualifies for a
    full refund legally. Run and get your money back before they go

  15. woof

    my son updated his iphone 4s with the ios 7.04 and his
    phone shuts down and unable to start. we tried to hard reset but it
    will comeback to the same problem. please advise.

  16. Carol Cassin

    I have just updated to the latest software version on my
    iPhone 5 and all I have now is a white screen with the Apple logo.
    It has been like it for about 2 hours. Can't switch the
    phone off at all. Any ideas?

  17. Mark Purvis

    I bought my new iPad just over one year ago (luckily with
    an extended guarantee). Only after upgrading to iOS 7.0.4, has my
    iPad started to crash, the screen wipes over and turns black. After
    attempting a Hard Reset, a white (on black screen) Apple Logo
    appears. Sometimes 'bad-data' will appear
    on-screen immediately prior to the iPad crashing. As I said, Hard
    Reset attempts do eventually work but the same fault occurs after
    several minutes usage, either using Safari or various safe Apps.
    I've seen on other Forums, that I'm not the only
    person with this problem……. Any chance of Apple holding their
    hands up on this issue!???

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