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Are you organising a computer security conference, or do you want to raise cybersecurity awareness within your business?

Do you need to find an entertaining, energetic keynote speaker who will keep the interest of your audience and get them to “buy in” to the importance of proper cybersecurity, in a fun, engaging way?

Or are you looking for an award-winning independent expert to speak or facilitate at your event?

Not All Cyber Criminals Are Evil Geniuses - Graham Cluley

Dominic Eaves, Experian:

“Graham was a keynote speaker at the Experian Identity & Fraud Forum. His session was slick, well informed, superbly delivered and among the best I’ve ever seen – all of which helped underpin the credibility of our event and was reflected by the wholehearted feedback from our delegates.”

“Graham’s knowledge, insight and ability to present potentially dry and weighty subject matter in a manner that’s accessible to all is superb.”

“Ignore him at your peril. He is, quite rightly, hugely in demand and simply cannot be recommended highly enough.”

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As well as running my independent blog and talking to the media about computer security issues, you can also hire me to give a keynote speech at your company’s events or conferences.

I have given talks for some of the world’s biggest companies, and delivered keynote speeches at events such as Microsoft Future Decoded, NATO, WebSummit, RSA, BlackHat, Campus Party, Infosec, Virus Bulletin, IP Expo, NISC, ISACA, EICAR, ICSA, (ISC)2 Security Congress, ISSA, RANT, AVAR, British Computer Society, Cyber Security Symposium, BriForum, Ecrime Congress, Insight Technology Show, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the European Internet Security Forum.

Graham Cluley speaking at Microsoft Future Decoded, Nov 2015

“Ok, I don’t need to read anymore. How do I get Graham Cluley to speak at my event?

Recent and upcoming keynote speeches and public talks

I am able to talk extensively and give carefully researched presentations that draw on my years of experience in the computer security industry. What’s more, I can specifically tailor my presentation for your audience – pitching it at just the right level to keep people entertained as well as informed.

So, whether you want to raise security awareness within your business or need a keynote speaker at your conference, I could be the right man for the job!

Panel session, featuring Graham Cluley

If you would like an independent expert to speak at your company’s event, give a keynote presentation at your conference or host a panel, please complete the form below.


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