Apple releases iOS 7.02, fixing lockscreen passcode flaw

Graham Cluley

Apple has just released a new version of iOS for iPhone and iPad users, which they claim will fix the various passcode flaws that have been embarrassing the company since the recent launch of iOS 7.

The most recently discovered problem was a vulnerability in iOS 7’s lockscreen code that allowed anyone to make a phone call from a locked device via the emergency screen.

Anyone want to place a bet on how long it takes hackers to find a vulnerability in this version?

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If you want to install it for yourself, go to Settings | General | Software Update. Be sure, of course, to read the terms & conditions before you go ahead and install the update to iOS 7.02 – who knows what they could have slipped in there?

PS. Anyone else going to try using that Greek keyboard option for a really tricky to crack passcode? :)

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51 comments on “Apple releases iOS 7.02, fixing lockscreen passcode flaw”

      1. my iPhone 5 did the same thing I plugged it into my
        computer now it wants to RESTORE the iphone to NEW I really
        don't wanna loose all my data/pics but I think
        it's too late

        1. That happened when I downloaded the iOS 7 update. You don't have a choice: you must restore your iPhone. But don't fret about losing apps. Most likely when you plugged it in to your computer it backed up your apps to your computer. Otherwise your iPhone probably backups to the iCloud automatically each night. Once you restore your iPhone, you will be able to set it up and if it doesn't prompt to retrieve apps through the iCloud, you can do so through your settings. Then they download when you're in wifi. Your music, however, won't restore, so you'll have to sync from your itunes again.

  1. Since updating my iphone 4 to ios7 my itunes hasnt worked i
    backed it up and restored it to its original phone yesterday it was
    working today its not pls help

      1. this is CRAP a tiny update to wreck my main mode of
        communications I (unlike most "Apple Zombies"
        don't plug my phone into my computer often at all) hell, I
        don't even use my home computer except to print

      1. I wasn't expecting it to be for typing in general, I thought it was for the password entry on the lock screen.

  2. Hi ,did the updates successfully, problem I have since
    update is that the phone will not answer the 'slide to
    answer' ,not working effectively

    1. I'm not sure I know the word "ZONK", but I suspect I've worked out it's meaning from the rest of your message.

      Maybe Apple Support can help if you're having a problem? Or try the online discussion forums:

  3. Thats all well and good but there is another flaw! As it
    stands, you can turn on Airplane mode from the lock screen. So what
    you say. But if your phone is stolen and Airplane mode is
    activated, there's no point in 'Find my
    iPhone' as the phone is not sending out a signal. Yes, you
    can disable control center from the lock screen, but that defeats
    the object of having it. All Apple need to do is hide the Airplane
    mode tab in lock screen and expose it when pin unlocked.

  4. everyone I talk to that has updated it hates it. I now wish I not updated my phone it's hard to see you for older eyes, icons are not very well done. My phone seems to be really cliquish now. Trying to figure out how to go back to the older version.

  5. Great! It did work for me ! Remember to hold home button
    until itunes will recognize your device and recovery mode. THX mate

    1. struggling to sync my iTunes on laptop with recently
      updated iphone as all was lost on update. iTunes is not recognising
      my phone – can anyone help?

    1. Are you Greek Kathy?

      If you're not Greek then it may be unwise to switch to a Greek keyboard.

      But here's how your change the keyboard on your iPhone to Greek (and indeed umpteen other languages):

      Open your Settings app

      Go to General / Keyboard / Keyboards / Add New Keyboard…

      1. no, i'm not greek. but i like the old keyboard to type in my password. that is what i thought this meant. i thought they were giving us back the old password keyboard.

        guess not…………..

  6. blue tooth with Ford Sync all jacked up now!!!! car
    controls are not responding ….can't change songs or
    play/pause without manually hitting play from the phone.

    1. Same here. My steering wheel audio controls in my Ford
      Fusion are gone since loading 7.02 on my iPhone 5. I posted that in
      the Apple Support Communities too. Not cool find this out while I
      was driving.

  7. I'm still pissed that I lost my calendar entries
    when I "updated" to 7. I'm thinking
    I'll try an Andriod phone soon.

  8. Hi, Since updating my Iphone 4, my battery is draining
    within about 4 hours. I have done both updates, turned off Wifi,
    bluetooth, etc. Is this being addressed?

    1. I am having the same problem. Started immediately after
      updating to 7.02. And this is a newer (6 months) phone.

  9. I Hate IOS 7.02 it sucks for IPhone 4 . I like to take
    pictures on my iPhone and ios 7.02 says it uses panorama and I
    don't get that on my phone or the color effects. I hate
    that the txt screen is all white it hurts my EYEs when I have many
    texts to read. please find a solution to the white screen .

  10. 7.2 Don't do it.. will mess up your phone. My
    phone was working good on the IOS 7.1, excluding the code glitch,
    now I lost all information and nothing is in the i cloud that was
    backed up earlier. Will never consider an apple product

  11. I updated my iphone today and hate it!! whats worse is the
    Greek keyboard is jacked!! I changed my password and only used 3
    characters, it accepted it and now I have been locked out of my
    phone ALL day!! The symbol of sigma is not the same on the lock
    screen and I am locked out!

  12. I updated my Iphone 5 to IOS 7.2 a couple of weeks ago, i really liked the look and feel of it………….untill my phone decided to die on me, the apple logo was on for 3 seconds then off for 3 seconds. I took my phone to my service provider and they have sent it off to be looked at and hopefully fixed. I just hope all my videos and photos are still on there when i get it back, im not that fussed about the phone just the footage of my son. Has anybody else had this problem and do you know if i will get the phone back with the footage on.


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