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I am able to talk extensively and give entertaining, carefully researched presentations that draw on my years of experience in the computer security industry. Learn more or just fill in this form.

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If you think you’ve stumbled across a new piece of malware, a dodgy scam, or just want to say hi, it would be great to hear from you. Contact me via this form.

I read all the tips sent to me but I am afraid that sometimes the volume I receive limits my ability to reply.

I’m sorry but I cannot respond to individual requests for troubleshooting or tech support. I also won’t tell you how to hack your partner’s Facebook account because you suspect they’re cheating on you. Sorry.

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If you’re interested, check out some of my recent media appearances on TV, radio and in print.

I’m available – work permitting – to talk to the media about viruses, spam, spyware, hacking and related security and internet privacy issues.

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I’m based in the UK, so bear that in mind if you want a speedy response.

Also, if you work for a PR agency, please don’t phone me. Email me instead.


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