Take care when sharing your iPad with your family, or face a monster bill…

A seven-year-old British boy managed to spend an eye-watering £4,000 (almost US $6,000) playing the game “Jurassic World” on his dad’s iPad. How can you prevent the same happening to you?

Bob Covello reports.

Zara is going to install iPads in its changing rooms – what could possibly go wrong?

Well, I’m sure none of us can imagine a way in which this might all end in tears…

Are we all too reliant on technology?

Warnings are being issued that sat navs are causing children to not learn basic navigation skills, and airplanes in the United States are grounded by an iPad app bug.

Which begs the question, are we all too reliant on technology?

This black box can brute force crack iPhone PIN passcodes

This gadget is going to be loved by jealous snooping partners, and law enforcement alike. Make sure you have an advanced password on your iOS device to protect against attacks like this.

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Want to buy a secondhand iPhone? Here’s how to check if it was stolen

Apple introduces a new tool which will help prospective used iPhone and iPad purchasers determine if they might be about to receive stolen goods.

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How to steal an iPhone’s passcode (from up to 150 feet away!)

See that guy on on the other side of the room wearing Google Glass? He could have just stolen your iPhone’s passcode.

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Have hackers defeated the iPhone kill switch?

A couple of hackers are reported to have found a way to bypass the iOS Activation Lock, opening the door for criminals to sell stolen iPhones and iPads to others.

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How turning off geotagging on your iPhone could save a rhino’s life

Do you think fears about geotagged photographs are overblown?

Well, maybe a photo tweeted by Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey will change your opinion.

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Apple patches iPhones, iPads, iMacs and MacBooks against critical security holes

If you are using Apple computers or iDevices, I recommend that you update your operating system as soon as possible – because on Tuesday the Cupertino-based firm published some critical security updates.

How to stop the UnFlod Baby Panda malware infecting your iPhone

What is Unflod Baby Panda? Is your iPhone or iPad protected? And, most importantly, how did they come up with that “Unflod Baby Panda” name anyway?

How to enable the Kill Switch on your iPhone or iPad, right now!

What is a “Kill switch,” why would you want one, and how can you turn on your very own iPhone/iPad Kill Switch today?

Find out in my article on Intego’s Mac Security blog.

Heartbleed OpenSSL bug: An FAQ for Mac, iPhone and iPad users

In the last couple of days you cannot fail to have seen the huge number of media articles about the so-called Heartbleed bug.

In this article for Intego’s Mac Security blog, we’ll try and answer some of the common questions that users of Apple products have raised about this issue.

Update your iPhones and iPads now to iOS 7.06. But Mac OS X still at risk from critical security hole

Apple has quietly pushed out a security update to iOS, the operating system used by its flagship iPhone and iPad products.

And it’s really important for your privacy that you update your iPhones and iPads as quickly as possible.

A shame then that Mac OS X doesn’t yet have a patch…

LinkedIn shutting down its controversial Intro service. Good news for those who care about privacy

When LinkedIn introduced a new service called Intro in October last year, I made my opinion pretty clear: “No thanks. My email security is too important”.

Now LinkedIn has announced that it is killing the privacy-challenged service next month. Good.

iOS 7.04 update released by Apple, fixing App purchase security flaw

Apple has released a new version of its mobile operating system, fixing a serious security flaw that allowed App and in-App purchases to be made without proper authorisation.

NY cops urge public to upgrade to iOS 7 to help fight phone crime

New York Police are urging iPhone users to upgrade their devices to iOS 7.

The reason? To deter phone thieves.