Zara is going to install iPads in its changing rooms – what could possibly go wrong?

Graham Cluley

ZaraThe media is reporting that international fashion chain Zara is going to put cameras iPads into its changing rooms.

Inditex, the Spanish fashion company that owns Zara, is installing iPads in the changing rooms of the popular fashion store, so customers can receive their last minute requests “as quickly as possible”.

The idea – the first such scheme in the world of high-street fashion – allows customers to scan their items onto the iPad as soon as they enter the changing room.

They can then request different sizes or ask for an item of clothing to be brought to them that they have chosen at the last minute.

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Yes, that’s right – iPads.

iPads which have built-in cameras, of course.

I wonder if customers will be warned that cameras are in use in the changing rooms, or whether the potential privacy invasion will be glossed over because it’s “just an iPad” and what could possibly go wrong with one of those?

Hat-tip to Ashu Kher who emailed me about this.

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6 comments on “Zara is going to install iPads in its changing rooms – what could possibly go wrong?”

  1. That was my first thought too. Crazy to even think about it. To think they actually are going to do this is much worse. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. That's a bizarre concept… All the telemetry their equipped with; facing camera, on-board microphone… WiFi/BT… The mind wanders how they could be used (or abused)…

    I've seen stores legitimately use them as kiosks' for catalogues or info stands, positioned in sight for all to use.

  3. They should put a sticker or something else on the camera to block it, probably they will. Simple.

    Otherwise stick your chuwing gum on the camera before getting undressed.

  4. All well and good, Ahmad.

    But with a sticker over the camera, how can the iPads fulfil the primary purpose they're (allegedly) being installed for ??

    Of course, a purpose-built device with a dedicated barcode scanner is the correct way to do this, but hey, an iPad is far more cool, right ?

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