Despite appearances, WikiLeaks wasn’t hacked

If you own a website, take advantage of the security features that your DNS registrar offers you or risk suffering the kind of attack OurMine wrought against WikiLeaks.

Apple underwhelmed by latest CIA exploits revealed by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks’s revelations about security vulnerabilities in Apple products appear to be a damp squib.

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Surprise! WikiLeaks won’t just hand over details of zero-day vulnerabilities to tech firms

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange may be making unreasonable demands about how he will share details of the alleged zero-day vulnerabilities that have been leaked from the CIA

WikiLeaks says it will work with software vendors to fix CIA zero-day exploits… but when?

After the media hystericane, Julian Assange says he will help bugs get fixed.

Is the CIA’s Weeping Angel spying on TV viewers?

WikiLeaks has published thousands of pages of what appeared to be leaked internal CIA documents.

The haul, which WikiLeaks has somewhat pretentiously dubbed “Vault 7”, is claimed to be “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.”

Who cut off Julian Assange’s internet access? Ecuador, accusing him of interfering in US election

Ecuador has said it pulled the plug on Julian Assange’s web access out of concern that he was using WikiLeaks to influence the U.S. presidential election.

David Bisson reports.

Now WikiLeaks is distributing malware

A veteran of the anti-virus industry reveals that there are thousands of samples of malware available for download from the WikiLeaks website.

WikiLeaks knocked offline in ongoing feud between OurMine hacking gang and Anonymous

When OurMine and Anonymous get embroiled in an online battle, other websites feel the pain.

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Hacking Team’s email archive – now searchable online

WikiLeaks has published online more than one million emails from spyware firm Hacking Team – accessible through a simple searchable interface.

Sorry Sony, Steven Moffat doesn’t want a Doctor Who movie anytime soon

Leaked Sony Pictures emails reveal that a “Doctor Who” movie may be on its way… albeit not in the immediate future.

WikiLeaks releases hacked Sony documents, revealing poor password practices

Don’t feel too smug about Sony’s discomfort – ask yourself if you are taking enough steps to secure your passwords.

Does your company use strong password management software to generate complex, unique, hard-to-guess passwords?

Benedict Cumberbatch is… Julian Assange [VIDEO]

The trailer for the Wikileaks movie “The Fifth Estate” has been released on the internet, and it features no less a star than acclaimed British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as the website’s controversial founder and editor-in-chief.

Dutch Queen’s phone number exposed on net via WikiLeaks

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has her personal phone number released onto the web, via WikiLeaks diplomatic cables.

Even regal grandmothers can find they have been exposed by WikiLeaks.

LulzSec and Anonymous hacker suspects arrested by US, UK and Dutch authorities

Computer crime authorities will be hoping that they have struck a significant blow against the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking groups, following a series of raids and arrests on both sides of the Atlantic. brought down in apparent Wikileaks-motivated internet attack

MasterCard’s website was knocked offline following what appears to be a WikiLeaks-inspired internet attack by hacktivists against it.

Once again, a denial-of-service attack is a hactivist’s best friend – but don’t forget they’re illegal.

Did Anonymous ‘spokesperson’ rickroll The Alyona Show?

An Anonymous “source”, interviewed by a TV news programme, appears to be no stranger to internet memes when discussing arrests in the USA and UK.