Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go for Windows? Beware ransomware!

Ransomware disguises itself as a version of Pokémon Go for Windows in an attempt to lure unsuspecting game players.

David Bisson reports.

Couldn’t care less about Pokémon Go? Get this Chrome extension

Chrome users may be interested in a new browser extension called PokeGone: Remove Pokemon from the Internet! Sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon? PokeGone will take care of that! This extension will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on about Pokemon – simple as. Remove all traces of Pokemon from the internet

Privacy scare over Pokémon Go app for iOS

Concerns have been raised about whether Pokémon Go is considering privacy and security properly when it interacts with your Google account.

Android users warned of malicious Pokémon Go app

Security researchers at Proofpoint have discovered a malicious Pokémon Go app that installs a backdoor on Android devices: Proofpoint researchers discovered an infected Android version of the newly released mobile game Pokemon GO. This specific APK was modified to include the malicious remote access tool (RAT) called DroidJack (also known as SandroRAT), which would virtually