photo tagging

Facebook pushes ahead with controversial facial recognition feature in Europe

Facebook has started pushing European and Canadian users into giving its controversial facial recognition technology free reign to run rampant over their photos and videos.

How to stop Twitter users tagging you in photos

What’s that? You don’t like the idea of people tweeting images of you with a double-chin or bad hair?

Maybe you should disable photo-tagging in your Twitter account then. This short guide will tell you how.

Facebook is developing creepy technology that can recognise faces almost as well as humans

Facebook’s facial recognition technology has always struck me as one of the creepiest parts of the social network, and now it looks like it may become even more powerful.

Facebook friend added a new photo of you? Beware spammed-out malware attack

Be wary of opening unsolicited email attachments – a malicious Trojan horse has been spammed out posing as a Facebook notification that you are featured in a newly uploaded photograph.

Want to disable Facebook facial recognition? Read this

Facebook’s facial recognition feature comes with a privacy health warning.

Read this if you don’t want Facebook to suggest your name to Facebook friends when they upload a photo of you.

Facebook revamps privacy settings – but misses opportunity to do so much more

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out what appears to be a major change to its privacy settings.

But at the same time, it has missed a massive opportunity to lead the way on privacy.

Bikini-clad women and photo tags aid Facebook scammers

If you’re a Facebook user, please repeat after me:

“Facebook doesn’t let you track who is viewing your profile. Third-party Facebook apps aren’t allowed to do it either, and if they claim to offer the ability they are banned from Facebook.”

Facebook changes privacy settings for millions of users – facial recognition is enabled

Do you want Facebook to know what you look like? Do you want Facebook to recommend to your friends that they should tag you in a photograph?

If not, it’s time to change your privacy settings.

Olive Garden food photo tagged you on Facebook? It’s a viral scam

Thousands of Facebook users are freaking out after apparently being tagged in photos of Olive Garden food.

Find out about the scam spreading across the social network.

Photo tagged as a Facebook bunnygirl? Beware viral scam

Facebook users, both male and female, are finding that they have been tagged in a photo of a young woman dressed as a bunnygirl.

Scammers are exploiting Facebook’s loosely-controlled photo tagging capability to get their messages in front of as many people as possible.