Are rogue cell towers snooping on your calls?

There are bogus cellphone towers operating across the United States that could be used to snoop on, and even hijack, passing calls, texts and other communications.

Learn more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

UK Police push for all smartphones to be password-protected

Do you use a password to protect your phone?

The London Metropolitan Police thinks it’s time to retire the entire question – by forcing the issue.

Learn more in this article on the Foursys blog.

MouaBad Android malware earns money by making phone calls

A newly discovered piece of malware attempts to make money by making phone calls from infected Android smartphones without requiring any user interaction.

Google releases its own “Find my iPhone” for Android devices – but doesn’t go far enough

Android Device Manager is a step in the right direction, but doesn’t go far enough to deter phone thieves.

Facebook account hacking service could lead you into danger

A website which offers an easy way to hack into Facebook accounts could actually lead users into danger, a security researcher has warned.

Does Snapchat offer safe sexting from smartphones, or a false sense of security?

Millions of teenagers have adopted a smartphone app which has been touted as a way of safely “sexting” and sharing photos.

But is it really a safe way to share intimate photographs of yourself?

Dodgy Android markets shut down by FBI in copyright crackdown

Some Android users have got a nasty scare, as three websites – involved in the distribution of cracked and stolen Android smartphone apps – were shut down by the FBI.

Nude wallpaper apps infect thousands of Android devices with malware

Thousands of Android devices are thought to have been infected by a strain of Chinese malware which sends costly SMS messages to earn cash for its creators.

Angry Birds malware – Firm fined £50,000 for profiting from fake Android apps

A firm has been fined £50,000 after Trojan versions of popular Android apps secretly sent expensive SMS messages to premium rate numbers.

Sophos anti-virus for Android updated – beta now works on tablets too!

The beta version of Sophos Mobile Security for Android has been updated to support tablets.

Download a free copy now and tell us what you think!

Fake anti-virus disguises used by Android malware

The Android malware threat is growing.

And it’s no surprise to see similar social engineering tricks that have worked on other operating systems in the past also being used on the Android platform.

Fraudsters spam out scams via SMS text messages

Always take care about clicking on links sent to you out of the blue, even if they arrive on your mobile phone.

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Tempted to try out the much talked about Instagram app? Well, be careful where you get it from – as malware authors are distributing malware disguised as the popular app.

Updated: Serious security hole in iOS 5.1? Perhaps not..

Is iOS 5.1 allowing people to access your iPhone or iPad without a pass code? Perhaps not, but we were duped!

iPhone 5 tester SMS text scam hits cellphone users

Want to test an iPhone 5? Sorry – but it’s an SMS text spam campaign sent to mobile phone users.

Is your smartphone telling every website you visit your telephone number?

O2 mobile users in the UK are venting on Twitter today, fuming at their discovery that their phone number is being shared with every website that they visit over the network.

But users of other mobile phone networks may be also affected.