Stop everything. Update Firefox now

A Firefox browser vulnerability that could allow attackers to take control of computers is being exploited in the wild.

Make sure you are running the very latest version of Firefox.

Firefox users can now ‘isolate their Facebook identity’ from the rest of the web

Firefox’s Facebook Container add-on makes it harder for Facebook to track your web activity via third-party cookies.

Security hole meant Grammarly would fix your typos, but let snoopers read your private writings

A Google vulnerability researcher has found a gaping security hole in a popular web browser extension, that could have potentially exposed your private writings on the internet.

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Smashing Security podcast #058: Face ID, Firefox, and Windows SNAFUs, plus Bitcoin FOMO

Is Face ID racist? Has Mr Robot infected your Firefox browser? Has Microsoft pushed a buggy password manager onto your Windows PC?

All this and much much more is discussed in the special first birthday edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by original co-host Vanja Švajcer.

At last! Firefox puts another nail in Flash’s coffin

There has been another welcome step along the road to Adobe Flash’s funeral, with the release this week of a new version of the Firefox browser.

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How to clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history in Firefox

David Bisson explains how Firefox users can clear their caches, browsing history, and cookies for better privacy.

Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users vulnerable to Unicode domain phishing attacks

Attackers can evade a security mechanism and abuse Unicode domains to phish for the login credentials of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users.

David Bisson reports.

Firefox 52 warns when you try to enter passwords on non-encrypted websites

Mozilla patches 28 security vulnerabilities and protects users from entering their sensitive information on insecure webpages.

Firefox flags Web of Trust add-on as suspicious, blocks by default

Firefox blocks WOT completely, in an attempt to protect users against malicious activity.

David Bisson reports.

Tor users at risk of having their anonymity stripped via attacks exploiting Firefox zero-day

Attackers are currently exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the Firefox web browser to strip anonymity from privacy-loving Tor users.

David Bisson reports.

Mozilla asks court to force FBI into revealing potential Firefox zero-day vulnerability

The FBI collected the IP and MAC addresses of visitors to a child sexual abuse website. But how did they do it? Mozilla wants to know – but the FBI wants to keep details of the flaw it exploited secret.

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Login form on your non-HTTPS webpage? Firefox will display a warning

Do you run a website that asks your users to login to their account? If so, do you request those login credentials over HTTP rather than HTTPS?

Oh dear…

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All versions of Firefox are blocking Flash by default. No-one cries

Block will be removed when Adobe releases a version of Flash which is no longer being actively exploited.

Sorry about that…

Facebook profile viewer scams circulate, install suspicious extensions to mess with Firefox and Chrome

ThreatTrack security researcher Chris Boyd has detailed the latest in a growing number of attacks posing as “Facebook Profile Viewer” applications, but which actually aim to make sinister changes to victims’ web browsers.

Is Opera *really* the safest browser?

Opera, a relative minnow in the web browser market, is reckoned to be a more secure browser than the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer – according to our online poll.

But maybe someone has influenced the vote?

Which web browser do you recommend? [POLL]

As browser makers beef up security in their products – which product do you recommend to friends who want to surf the web more safely?