chain letter

The Dance of the Pope virus hoax

Friends don’t share virus hoaxes with their friends. They spend five minutes checking their facts before sharing poppycock on social media.

Barmy WhatsApp hoax rears its head once again

Can you tell the difference between a bottle of Balsamic vinegar and the CEO of a globally popular messaging app?

If not, you’re just the kind of person who could fall for a WhatsApp hoax which continues to do the rounds.

Facebook to start charging $2.99/month? It’s nonsense!

Thousands of Facebook addicts are feverishly sharing a “news report” claiming that from November 1st you’ll be paying $2.99 every month to access the site.

Find out more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

Bill Gates offers $5000 for a Facebook share? It’s an old joke and still not funny

Facebook users are spreading a message across the social network, claiming that Bill Gates will cough up $5000 if you share a photograph of him.

Obviously it’s nonsense – but approximately half a million Facebook users fell for the hoax.

No, 7-year-old Eli Moreno wasn’t abducted after playing the Talking Angela app

A news story claims that a seven-year-old boy has been abducted after his mother installed the Talking Angela app on her iPhone.

But should you believe it? And, most importantly, should you forward the story to others?

No, the Talking Angela app wasn’t created by me

I was thinking that things were already bonkers enough with the “Talking Angela” app hoax that has spread widely across the internet.

And then I got the strangest phone call…

Talking Angela app scare spreads between English and French Facebook users

A warning spreads on Facebook about “Talking Angela”, a smartphone app that gives your children some animated cat chat.

But it’s all too simple for people to share warnings – rather than check if the facts are true.

WhatsApp shutting down on 28th January? It’s a hoax

A hoax spreads on WhatsApp telling users to forward a warning to all of their friends, or risk having their account deactivated.

I guess you can tell that a social messaging service has become popular with the masses when the hoaxes and chain letters begin to spread in fury.

Facebook Video Ads hoax, starring Mark Zuckerberg, continues to spread

A hoax chain letter is being spread across Facebook, between users who believe that the social network is asking their opinion about whether it should implemention video adverts or not.

ALL-CAPS virus scare spreads on Facebook, warning of girl with disfigured face

An alarmist warning has spread across Facebook once again, proving once again that many users are far too willing to pass on warnings without checking their facts with a reputable source.

Facebook ‘Graphic App’ privacy warning hoax spreads across social network

Facebook users are getting confused about privacy once again (who can blame them?), and are sharing a warning containing inaccurate advice.

Seriously folks, you should know that Facebook warning about a virus *burning* your hard disk is bunk

Facebook users have been sharing a warning about a virus that “burns the entire hard disk”.

It’s nonsense, of course. When will people learn?

Talking Angela iPhone app scare spreads on Facebook

A warning spreads on Facebook about “Talking Angela”, an app that gives your children some animated cat chat.

Malheureusement, it’s all too simple for people to share warnings – rather than check if the facts are true.

Racist “McDonald’s” notice posted on Facebook is designed to generate calls of complaint to KFC

Is a branch of McDonald’s really charging African-Americans an extra $1.50?

Of course not, but thousands of Facebook fans are spreading the story regardless.

Facebook will be closed for maintenance between Feb 29-31 – joke chain letter spreads

Messages have been spreading on Facebook claiming that the social network will be closed between February 29th and February 31st, 2013.

And, of course, it’s kinda true. Don’t try to log in on June 31st either…

My Birthday Calendar warning spreads quickly on Facebook, generating panic

Facebook users are spreading a warning to their friends and family online about a supposedly malicious application called “My birthday calendar”.

But are there real lessons to be learnt about sharing information on Facebook?