Police arrest members of billion-dollar banking cybercrime gang

ATM jackpot gang is thought to have infiltrated over 100 financial firms in 40 countries, costing banks more than one billion dollars.

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Bateleur, the new malware backdoor targeting restaurant chains, from the makers of Carbanak

The developers of the notorious Carbanak banking trojan have added a new JavaScript backdoor to their tool set, targeting US restaurant chains.

David Bisson reports.

Cash-spitting ATM malware blamed on Cobalt hacking gang

Cobalt is thought to be the hacking gang behind a series of attacks that compromised ATMs across Europe.

David Bisson reports.

Odinaff trojan targets SWIFT users, financial organisations

Malware takes cues from Carbanak, and comes equipped with lots of hacking tools…

David Bisson reports.

Russian security firm linked to cybercrime gang

Brian Krebs has been doing what he does best, following a trail of clues scattered across the internet and joining the dots. This week he followed-up on information shared with him by security researcher Ron Guilmette, who uncovered “interesting commonalities” in website registration records, revealing strange links between a Russian security firm called Infocube (also

High-tech hackers stole $300 million from 100 banks. But here’s what the media forgot to tell you

Banks need to keep their wits about them and treat security as a high priority, as hackers become ever more sophisticated and audacious in their attempts to steal cash.

But there’s something about the Carbanak attack that the New York Times neglected to tell you…