Never mind the lockscreen flaws, Siri rickrolls iOS 7 users

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, may have been plagued with fingerprint sensor bugs and lockscreen flaws, forcing the company to issue updates, but there are some things which are harder to work out if they’re bugs or hard-to-explain “features”.

Take for instance, what happens on iOS 7 if you ask Siri the question

“What is today going to be like?”

Siri rickrolls

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Yep, asking “What is today going to be like?” results in Siri taking you to the Wikipedia page for Rick Astley’s “Never Going To Give You Up”.

You’ve just been rickrolled.

It’s a curious easter egg for the dudes in Cupertino to embed into the iOS 7 version of the Siri software. Especially, as those with long memories may recall that when the iKee virus infected jailbroken iPhones it contained a similar Rick Astley inspired payload, changing the wallpaper of affected devices to a portrait of the 1980s singer.

iKee virus payload

Then again, the firm did include a screenshot of iOS 7 playing Rick Astley’s famous hit in one of their support knowledgebase articles.

Is it possible that Tim Cook is a secret fan?

I, for one, am comforted that Apple had its priorities right when working on iOS 7.

Hat-tip: TUAW

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One comment on “Never mind the lockscreen flaws, Siri rickrolls iOS 7 users”

  1. pob

    Bloody stock, aitken and waterman I living through the 80s
    and Rick and the brood were Ghastly! No more Rick

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