My encounters with the greatest Britons in IT history

Graham cluley
Graham Cluley
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Christmas came early for me this weekend, when I heard that journalists Iain Thomson and Shaun Nicholls had compiled their list of “Top 10 Great Britons in IT history”.

It’s a great read – celebrating the enormous achievements of the likes of Alan Turing, Clive Sinclair and Tim Berners-Lee.

One of my first ever jobs (working during the summer holidays) was for an arm of Sinclair Research, performing quality control tests on the Sinclair QL computer.

I don’t think it will upset Sir Clive (or surprise anyone who remembers) if I reveal that they were diabolical machines with a shoddy reputation for flaking out. Fortunately I was long gone before the Sinclair C5 electro-trike emerged on the scene.

I had been into writing computer games since my first experiments with computers on my 1K ZX81. When I boosted its storage…

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