Eighth grade “hacker” sues school district

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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If you were a student and you hacked into your school’s computer system you would probably expect there to be some serious repercussions.

In my day it could quite possibly have resulted in a swift thwack on the bottom with an old training shoe or being held back for detention. But the past is a different country, and we did things differently then.

Most parents today wouldn’t condone corporal punishment (thank goodness), and some would probably even object if their offspring were punished by being told to write out in Bart Simpson-style “I shall not hack the school computer network” a hundred times.

And so, it’s interesting to hear what kind of punishment modern-day school hacking suspects might receive, and how their parents may react.

Which leads us nicely to the story of Derek Harris, an eighth-grader at a school in South Pontotoc, Mississippi.

Last October, the young teenager was accused of hacking into his school’s computers and installing a piece of keylogging spyware…

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