Keylogger found on thousands of WordPress-based sites, stealing every keypress as you type

While the website’s front-end is digging for cryptocurrencies, the back-end is secretly hosting a keylogger designed to steal unsuspecting users’ login credentials.

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New cloud-based keylogger gaining momentum among criminals

Cloud-based NexusLogger’s user-friendly web portal makes it simple for non-skilled criminals to configure the malware however they want.

David Bisson reports.

How malware could steal sensitive data from an air-gapped computer – via high frequency sound

German researchers say they have found a way to transmit data from infected computers, when they aren’t connected to any other devices or networks.

Malware compromises USAF Predator drone computer systems

Malware has infected the control systems used by the United States Air Force to fly Predator and Reaper drones, logging keypresses as the unmanned aircraft are flown remotely in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and other conflict zones.

Christmas tree Trojan blamed for NBC News Twitter hack

A keylogger is being blamed for a high profile attack which allowed hackers to gain control of the NBC News Twitter account, and post bogus messages about a terrorist attack.

Hardware keyloggers discovered at public libraries

USB hardware keyloggers have been found attached to the back of two PCs in Manchester, England.

VIDEO: How poor security helped a geek get his stolen computer back two years later (NSFW)

Remotely hacking into a computer is wrong, right?

Well, maybe not if it’s your computer – that was stolen from you two years beforehand..

Eighth grade “hacker” sues school district

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