Windows 7

Windows 7 definitely won’t ever receive any more bug fixes (errm… apart from this one for its wallpaper)

We definitely definitely absolutely won’t ever ever be releasing any more updates for Windows 7, said Microsoft earlier this month.

Now there’s an update on its way to fix a cosmetic bug in how Windows 7 displays users’ desktop wallpaper…

27% of Windows users are still running Windows 7. They need to stop now

At 11am PST (7pm UK), Microsoft will release its last ever Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 7. After today, Microsoft says it won’t release any more security patches for the ageing operating system.

Microsoft gaffe spooks users as weird Windows 7 update accidentally released

Good news – hackers hadn’t hijacked Microsoft’s Windows Update system. Bad news – users’ confidence will have been shaken again by Microsoft’s goof.

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Microsoft tracks Windows 7 and 8 users, harvesting more data

Security researchers have discovered that four recent updates to the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems allow Microsoft to collect a variety of usage information.

Can you guess which vendor is ‘feeble’ at protecting businesses from malware?

Ultimately, an anti-virus which isn’t doing a good enough job of stopping the malware could well cost you more in the long run.

Independent testing agency put 11 products under the microscope.

The end of mainstream support for Windows 7. Learn from past mistakes

Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, and be prepared.

Especially if you’ve only just got rid of all the Windows XP computers in your company.

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Problems for Windows 7 and Exchange users as Microsoft warns of buggy security patches

Botched security patches from Microsoft give some users headaches.

TrueCrypt – a matter of assurance

Guest contributor Philip Le Riche asks himself, should he still use TrueCrypt?

The whole TrueCrypt saga has brought into focus an issue which has been central to security thinking in government circles for many years: that of assurance.

Your Windows 7 PC is more likely to have malware than your XP one, says Microsoft

Microsoft says that Windows 7 computers were more likely to be infected by malware than PCs running Windows XP.

An infection rate of 2.59% for Windows 7 compared to 2.42% for XP. Find out more…

Microsoft tells all Windows 7 users to uninstall security patch, after some PCs fail to restart

Microsoft has advised all users of Windows 7 who installed a security update to uninstall it, after some customers found their computers would not restart or applications would not load.

Disable Windows Sidebar and Gadgets NOW on Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft warns of security risk

Users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been advised to completely disable their Windows Sidebar and Gadgets, in response to what appears to be a serious security risk.

Sophos – ready for Windows 7

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Podcast: Windows 7 in the security spotlight

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Is XP Mode in Windows 7 a positive step for security, or not?

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Sophos Anti-Rootkit updated – download it for free

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Why bogus Microsoft patches aren’t always malicious

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