TalkTalk’s ex-CEO Dido Harding heads up the UK’s Coronavirus tracing app…

Imagine you’re the UK Government in the middle of the biggest crisis the country has faced since World War II.

How are you going to instill some confidence that citizens should install a new Coronavirus tracing app?

Teenage TalkTalk hacker accused of $800,000 cryptocurrency theft in the United States

Elliott Gunton – aka “Glubz” – is charged in relation to the December 2017 security breach of cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta.

20 month prison sentence for British hacker who made fortune helping SIM-swap fraudsters

A teenage British hacker, who previously played a role in the infamous TalkTalk data breach, has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to selling hacking services and stolen personal data for cryptocurrency.

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Two friends jailed for TalkTalk hack plot

Judge describes men connected to TalkTalk hack as “individuals of extraordinary talent.” Sigh…

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TalkTalk fined £100,000 after carelessly exposing customer data. Again.

UK telecoms operator TalkTalk has been fined £100,000 for failing to protect the personal information of consumers, after the details of 21,000 customers were leaked.

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TeamViewer stopped working? Let me guess, your ISP is TalkTalk…

TeamViewer can be used for good. TeamViewer can be used for bad. UK ISP TalkTalk doesn’t want you to use it at all.

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TalkTalk’s hacker (and blackmailer) pleads guilty

Kids – don’t hack into companies without their permission. They don’t like it, and neither do the cops.

When it comes to security, TalkTalk is all talk talk…

British broadband provider TalkTalk is being criticised for its poor handling of a security incident affecting its customers.

No surprise there then.

TalkTalk and Post Office customers lose internet access as routers hijacked

Thousands of TalkTalk and Post Office customers in the UK have been cut off from the internet for days.

The reason? A malicious attack against poorly-protected broadband routers.

As teenager admits hack, let’s not forget TalkTalk’s shameful security

TalkTalk would love the world to think that it suffered a highly sophisticated and sustained attack.

But if you watch my video you’ll find the true story is somewhat different.

Brand new TalkTalk customer is targeted by phone scammer

How *did* scammers know that a brand new TalkTalk customer was experiencing a technical problem?

Or did they just get lucky?

TalkTalk fined record £400,000 for failing to prevent hack

Webpages vulnerable to SQL injection and software left unpatched for 3.5 years…

ICO investigation reveals the shoddy state of security at TalkTalk.

Scam victim sues TalkTalk

Scammers tricked the unwary into believing they are talking to a member of TalkTalk staff.

CEO salaries should be linked to their firm’s cyber security, says UK parliament

Should the salaries of CEOs be linked to how well their company has protected itself against security threats?

British MPs certainly seem to think so.

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Six months on from the TalkTalk hack – how has the firm suffered?

TalkTalk spent £42 million in the aftermath of its hack, and lost 110,000 subscribers.

And despite profits halving, it says it has “bounced back quite strongly.” Are consumers proving they have short memories?

TalkTalk phone scams: arrests made at Indian call center

Police in India have arrested three individuals working at a call center in connection with a spate of phone scams targeting customers of UK broadband provider TalkTalk.

David Bisson reports.