Lenovo’s Superfish security fiasco ends in a slap on the wrist

Computer manufacturer barely notices $3.5 million fine after customers’ privacy and security was put at risk.

Lenovo users must uninstall Accelerator app due to dangerous security hole

Lenovo is urging users to uninstall its Accelerator application following the discovery of a serious security vulnerability.

David Bisson reports.

Microsoft to say ‘adios’ to Superfish-like adware on March 31st

Microsoft’s new rules for adware could help stop another security scare like Superfish.

David Bisson reports.

Dell’s ‘apology’ for eDellRoot fails to say sorry for putting your security at risk

Maybe it’s the lawyers who are stopping companies from putting their hands up and admitting they did wrong after virtually every security snafu and data breach. But I don’t think it’s a good way to rebuild a relationship with customers who were put at unnecessary risk.

eDellRoot, the huge security hole shipped with Dell laptops and PCs – what you need to know

Computer hardware giant Dell is shipping PCs and laptops with a security hole that could make it easy for online criminals to spy upon your online activity – including intercepting your web email, your purchases and your online banking.

Bye bye to bloatware! Bruised Lenovo promises ‘a cleaner, safer PC’

Maybe there’s something good that can come out of the SSL-busting Superfish debacle. Lenovo, you better be telling us the truth. We’ll be watching you.

How hackers can hijack your website and read your email, without hacking your company

Lenovo and Google’s web presence in Vietnam got hit by the Lizard Squad hackers this week.

And no company should be fooled into thinking that they’re not also potentially a target for a similar attack.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

Lenovo’s website hijacked (briefly) by High School Musical-loving hackers

Just when they probably imagined they were over the worst… Lenovo’s website has been hijacked – and emails compromised – by the Lizard Squad gang.

What’s worse than Superfish? Meet PrivDog, leaving users wide open to attacks

If you thought Superfish, pre-installed on Lenovo computers, was bad – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Superfish, the man-in-the-middle adware installed on Lenovo PCs. What you need to know

An almighty furore has kicked off after it was discovered that for months Lenovo has been shipping PCs and laptops with software pre-installed that could compromise your security and privacy.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.