Colorado police encrypt *all* their radio communications, frustrating journalists

The police’s use of encryption is apparently making life harder for journalists in Colorado.

Good! Encryption is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Police crack encrypted chat service IronChat and read 258,000 messages from suspected criminals

Dutch police have revealed that they were able to spy on the communications of more than 100 suspected criminals, watching live as over a quarter of a million chat messages were exchanged.

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UK cops arrest man picked out by automatic facial recognition software

In our pursuit of greater security, we must not throw away our fundamental human rights for privacy.

How to report a cybercrime

Gathering evidence and putting a case together against an online criminal is so much harder for the authorities, if they don’t know about any victims.

Guest contributor Yasin Soliman explains how you can report a cybercrime to the police in your part of the world.

Poetic justice after burglar who taunted police on Facebook is captured

Logan Hale, you are on your way to jail. Your attempts to hide were to no avail. Maybe you’ll make bail. Either way, your Facebook taunts were an ‘epic fail.’

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Immobilise national property register left 28 million doors wide open for burglars to plunder data

Security consultant Paul Moore stumbled across a glaring privacy hole on a site which really should have known how to lock up its valuables better.

But the site did nothing, until BBC News reporters started to sniff around…

UK Police push for all smartphones to be password-protected

Do you use a password to protect your phone?

The London Metropolitan Police thinks it’s time to retire the entire question – by forcing the issue.

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Police officer caught having sex with cheerleader Facebook scam spreads

Facebook scammers lure the unwary with a salacious sex video claiming to show a cheerleader and a New York police officer.

Will Facebook users ever learn to avoid such scams?

Police mobile phone sting fails when.. err.. no handsets stolen

When British police left secretly tracked phones as “bait” hoping that they would be stolen by thieves from bars and pubs, they probably thought they had come up with an ingenious plan.

MLT – Suspected member of TeamPoison hacking gang arrested

A teenage boy, believed to go by the online handle “MLT” and to be a member of the notorious TeamPoison hacking gang, has been arrested by British police.

How Anonymous spied on FBI / UK Police hacking investigation conference call

How careful are you with your conference call details?

Can you be sure that no-one is listening in to your private business discussions?

Metropolitan Police malware warning issued – beware the ransomware attack!

The Metropolitan Police has warned Windows users of a malware attack that poses as a message from the computer crime-fighting cops themselves.

Anonymous spies on FBI / UK Police hacking investigation conference call

A recording of a confidential conference call between the FBI and UK law enforcement officers at the Metropolitan Police has been released by Anonymous on the internet.

Was police chief’s computer hacked by journalists?

A senior police chief has been warned by British authorities that he may have been targeted by tabloid journalists and his computer hacked into.

‘Pepper spray’ officer named by Occupy Wall Street activists

Should a New York policeman’s name, address and family details be published on the internet by activists – because he is alleged to have pepper-sprayed Wall Street protestors?

Suspected hackers arrested over Anonymous/LulzSec internet attacks

Two men, aged 20 and 24, have been arrested by British police in connection with a series of internet attacks orchestrated by the Anonymous and LulzSec gangs.