North Korea

Yahoo search engine goes down – Microsoft, not North Korea, to blame

For a while today, the seventeen people who use the Yahoo search engine saw a message in big friendly purple letters telling them not to panic.

Fake “The Interview” app is really an Android banking trojan

An Android app claims to download a copy of “The Interview” but instead installs a two-stage banking Trojan onto victims’ devices.

North Korea falls off the internet – is the United States to blame?

Barack Obama promises that the United States will respond to the Sony hack, and North Korea drops off the internet. Could there be a connection?

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US reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why?

It would be good to know what the evidence is, as it sure doesn’t have the hallmarks of a state-sponsored attack.

Did North Korea hack Sony? It seems hard to believe

Many media reports are suggesting that North Korea might have been behind the Sony hack.

But the keyword is “might”. Attribution is always difficult, and the reports may be premature. Maybe it was a Celine Dion fan instead…

Selling a ship to North Korea? You might want to check you’ve wiped its data first

When Japan sold a decommissioned coast guard vessel to a pro-North Korea organisation, you might imagine that it would check that any data on its navigation system would be wiped beforehand.

Oh dear…

DarkSeoul: SophosLabs identifies malware used in South Korean internet attack

Computer networks belonging to South Korean TV broadcasters and at least two major banks have been disrupted by what some have suggested was a malicious internet attack originating in North Korea.

South Korea launches its cyberwarfare command centre

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Republican urges Obama to launch cyber attack against North Korea

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Cyberwarfare unit operating out of North Korea?

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Sex, spyware and North and South Korea

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