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Smashing Security podcast #188: Dinner with Elon Musk and Kris Jenner

Who stopped Twitter’s hackers from stealing more money? Why are Covid-19 researchers being told to ramp up their cybersecurity? How can you find out if your smartphone is infected with stalkerware? And who does Graham think he is turning down a celebrity dinner invite?

Find out in the latest “Smashing Security” podcast, with special guest Lisa Forte.

000000 is Kanye West’s iPhone passcode

You can bet mischievous hackers are right now trying to crack into Kanye West’s online accounts with equally diabolical passwords.

Kanye West Car Crash Hoax Fuels Hacker Scareware Attack

An Internet rumor that controversial rapper Kanye West has died in a Los Angeles car crash is being taken advantage of by cybercriminals, bent on stealing money through fake antivirus alerts.

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Kanye West has NOT died in a car crash, but hackers still exploit the rumour

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Kanye West suffers hack attack

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