Police raid tech support scam centre who had their CCTV hacked by vigilantes

An indepth investigation by online vigilantes has exposed the activities of an Indian tech support scam centre.

Extraordinarily, fraudsters had the tables turned on them as YouTuber Jim Browning was able to hack into the call centre and access recordings of scam phone calls and even watch live CCTV footage exposing the criminals at work.

Hackers steal $13.5 million from Indian bank in global attack

Hackers planted malware on an automated teller machine (ATM) server belonging to an Indian bank as part of a criminal scheme which saw the theft of nearly 944 million rupees (US $13.5 million) in a co-ordinated attack across 28 countries last weekend.

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Spyware deployed in state-sponsored attacks against India and Pakistan

Security researchers have detected a state-sponsored spyware campaign that’s leveraging the Ehdoor backdoor to target entities in India and Pakistan.

David Bisson reports.

Malware uses Mars Rover code to spy on Indian-Afghani relations

A strain of malware has incorporated code used by the Mars Rover exploration robot in an attempt to spy on relations between India and Afghanistan.

David Bisson reports.

TalkTalk phone scams: arrests made at Indian call center

Police in India have arrested three individuals working at a call center in connection with a spate of phone scams targeting customers of UK broadband provider TalkTalk.

David Bisson reports.

Mickey Virus: Bollywood movie jumps on hacking bandwagon

Bollywood is planning to make what is reportedly its first venture into the world of cybercrime – with a new movie due to be released later in 2013 about hacking and computer malware.

Indian computers the worst for flooding the internet with spam, report discovers

SophosLabs reports on the top twelve spam relaying countries for April – June 2012.

India becomes the king of the spammers, stealing America’s crown

SophosLabs reports on the top twelve spam relaying countries for January – March 2012.

Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus source code exposed by hackers

A hacking group has gained access to some of the source code for Symantec’s anti-virus product, that they claim they stole from Indian government servers.

100 texts a day limit? India tries to combat mobile phone spam

New spam regulations, introduced in India, limit the users of mobile phones to sending only 100 texts per day.

The reason? To stop the growing problem of SMS text spam.

Delhi Acting Chief Justice admits his email was hacked

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India bans Chinese telecom equipment over malware fears

If you’re buying Chinese-manufactured telecommunications equipment for your business, could it be spying on your conversations and stealing your confidential data? Would you trust Chinese mobile phone equipment?

Indian government computers hit by Chinese spyware attack?

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Pakistani hackers hit Indian railway website

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