Spam, stockings and rhino poop

Graham Cluley

Well, it makes a change from Paris, Lindsay and Britney I suppose..

The latest spam message to catch my eye uses a different tack than offering videos of female celebrities, or breaking news stories from CNN.

Yes, it’s pharmaceutical spam – trying to get you to visit a website and endanger your health as well as your wallet. If you are eagle-eyed you may even spot that they have dappled the message with some random characters (in a rainbow of colours) in a vain attempt to avoid detection by anti-spam software.

But what was really striking to me was the subject line used: “International Rhino Foundation selling the perfeect stocking stuffer — rrhino poop”.

Who exactly are they trying to target here? Is someone interested in buying the droppings of a horny rhinoceros really also going to want to improve their performance between the bedsheets?

Interestingly, after a moment’s Googling it…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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