Police raid tech support scam centre who had their CCTV hacked by vigilantes

Graham Cluley

An indepth investigation by online vigilantes has exposed the activities of an Indian tech support scam centre.

Extraordinarily, fraudsters had the tables turned on them as YouTuber Jim Browning was able to hack into the call centre and access recordings of scam phone calls and even watch live CCTV footage exposing the criminals at work.

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Jim’s videos make for fascinating viewing.

Browning and fellow YouTuber Karl Rock teamed up with BBC Panorama this week to expose the goings-on at Faremart Travel Private Limited, a company running out of Gurugram, south west of Delhi.

I’m sure some will have reservations about the legality of vigilantes accessing the scammers’ CCTV footage and recordings without permission, but then you watch a video like this…

In the above video, Karl Rock shares the audio recording of a 13-year-old girl who finds herself the victim of a tech support scam.

It’s heartbreaking, and truly hard to watch all the way through. I don’t know the scammers can sleep at night, and they deserve to be locked up.

On which note, good news. According to Rock, Indian police raided the premises of Faremart Travel Private Limited in Gurugram, within hours of the videos being released.

If you believe that you are a victim of the call centre, please contact Indian police via email at Shocybergrg.pol-hry@gov.in.

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2 comments on “Police raid tech support scam centre who had their CCTV hacked by vigilantes”

  1. It's simple – if you answer the phone and the caller sounds like a "Indian Call Centre" all you say is –
    "Sorry, we do not take calls from Indian call centres due to the large number of scams coming out of India" and then put the phone down.

    Simple trick which does 2 good things – 1) you do not get scammed 2) legitimate Indian call centres lose business and this causes companies to bring call centres back to Europe and North America etc.. which may force Indian authorities to clamp down on scam call centres in India (or not, really doesn't matter if we all refuse to speak to Indian call centres).

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