VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Jenner, Jack Black – hacked!

Celebrities show how not to secure their online accounts.

Graham Cluley
Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Jenner, Jack Black - hacked! | Graham Cluley

Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest accounts hacked over the weekend.

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account hacked

And he wasn’t the only one – actor Jack Black and something-or-other Kylie Jenner also suffered as the result of social networking accounts being compromised.

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In Jack Black’s case it was his rock band’s Twitter account that was hacked, to announce that the actor had died! Yoinks!

Fake Jack Black dead tweet

Check out my video above where I describe what happened, and how users should defend their accounts.

From the sound of things Mark Zuckerberg just failed security 101. One shalt not use the same password on multiple websites.

If only people would learn to use unique passwords for their different accounts, and enabled two-step verification to make it much harder for hackers to crack into accounts – even if passwords are stolen.

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4 comments on “VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Jenner, Jack Black – hacked!”

  1. Michael Ponzani

    You have the perfect face for security work.

    slightly bemused, slightly clueless, hiding a brilliant mind.

    1. Graham Cluley · in reply to Michael Ponzani

      I've decided to take this as a compliment.

  2. Michael Ponzani

    I think the deliberately touseled hair is a big part of it.

    1. Graham Cluley · in reply to Michael Ponzani

      Well, I *have* been deliberately avoiding a comb since about 1981… I think sometimes it's best to let things take their natural course.

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