Man who lived luxury lifestyle after hacking LinkedIn and Dropbox is found guilty

Yevgeniy Nikulin lived the high life, funded by a life of cybercrime.

Now he faces a significant prison sentence after stealing millions of user records from the likes of LinkedIn and Dropbox.

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Men who were paid $100,000 by Uber to hush-up hack plead guilty to extortion scheme

Two hackers face up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to their involvement in a scheme which saw them attempt to extort money from Uber and LinkedIn in exchange for the deletion of stolen data.

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Businesses warned of malware spread via LinkedIn job offers

Online criminals are using the temptation of a new job in a new malware campaign launched via LinkedIn.

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Smashing Security podcast #117: SWATs on a plane

Why is Tampa’s mayor tweeting about blowing up the airport? Are hackers trying to connect with you via LinkedIn? And has Maria succeeded in her attempt to survive February without Facebook?

All this and much much more in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Maria Varmazis.

Plus, after last week’s discussion about the legal battle between Mondelez and Zurich Insurance, we have a chat with security veteran Martin Overton to take a deeper look into cyberinsurance.

Beware bogus emails from LinkedIn asking for your CV!

LinkedIn users are being warned to be on their guard following a rise in reports of attacks being distributed via email designed to trick job seekers into sharing their personal details.

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Lessons to learn as McAfee’s LinkedIn page is hijacked

For any corporate brand to have its social media account hijacked by mischief makers is embarrassing, but for it to happen to a major computer security company is downright humiliating.

LinkedIn training arm suffers data breach

Online training sitey has suffered a security incident which saw a user database accessed by unauthorised parties.

IT security woman hits back at sexist trolls on LinkedIn

UK IT security firm Foursys writes: Should we police or dictate how our employees dress? Should we only allow them to represent our brand if they have a specific body type or sense of style? What about internet commenters or trolls? Is it ok for them to bombard our employees with abuse? Foursys is asking

LinkedIn data used to disguise targeted malware attacks

Cunningly-crafted emails have been spammed out en masse in the Netherlands to spread banking malware… with a little help from information you may have shared in your LinkedIn profile.

VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg, Kylie Jenner, Jack Black – hacked!

Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest accounts hacked over the weekend.

And he wasn’t the only one – actor Jack Black and Kylie Jenner also suffered as the result of social networking accounts being compromised.

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LinkedIn password change flaw poses threat to at-risk accounts, claims researcher

A vulnerability in LinkedIn’s password change process poses a potential threat to all users, especially those whose accounts might have recently been compromised.

David Bisson reports.

How to protect your LinkedIn account from hackers with two-step verification (2SV)

In the wake of recent revelations about the 2012 LinkedIn data breach, many users would be wise to consider enabling two-step verification (2SV).

David Bisson describes how.

LinkedIn’s poor handling of 2012 data breach comes back to haunt it

Four years after LinkedIn’s security was found wanting, and hackers stole a database containing millions of users’ details, the nightmare isn’t over.

Guest contributor Per Thorsheim shares his opinion.

117 million hacked LinkedIn email addresses and passwords put up for sale

The infamous LinkedIn hack of 2012 just got a whole lot worse.

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Lucky escape. Worm could have exploited LinkedIn XSS vulnerability

Within three hours of being reported, a serious cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on LinkedIn’s website has been fixed by its security team.

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‘Why I fell victim to a LinkedIn scam – and why I would do so again tomorrow’

A number of fake LinkedIn accounts have been used to target security researchers.

Virus Bulletin’s Martijn Grooten admits he was one of those who was targeted, but isn’t losing any sleep over it…