Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room? Beware Facebook clickjacking scam

Has Lady Gaga really been found dead in a hotel room? A scam which has spread rapidly across Facebook would certainly like you to think so.

Heres’s an example of a message that is being seen spreading virally on Facebook, posing as a link to a BBC TV News report.

BREAKING: Lady Gaga Found Dead in Hotel Room
This is the most awful day in US history

Wow. I mean, yes, it would be tragic if Lady Gaga were to die, but.. seriously.. “the most awful day in US history”?

Anyway, if you are tricked into clicking on the link you are taken ultimately (via a website which sloppily allows an open redirect) to a webpage that pretends to contain a BBC News video report:

Watch out, though, if you try to play the video as this is a clickjacking scam which attempts to silently say you “Like” the page when you click with your mouse.

Users who have installed a browser add-on such a NoScript for Firefox will see a message warning them of the peril of…

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One comment on “Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room? Beware Facebook clickjacking scam”

  1. Ilham

    You can't "make the general ptpilaouon take responsibility" for anything.Maybe, maybe not; how is that Google's fault or Google's problem, exactly?If people are behaving in the most negligent way, that's entirely their problems, unless it affect other people safety, like when driving.Our crypto-communist western societies have a problem here, me think: we want freedom, we want protection, we want to determine public policy, we want to be treated as kids…

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