Interxion suffers security breach, customer contact details exposed

Graham Cluley

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European data center services giant Interxion is informing customers that it has suffered a security breach, which has seen hackers access contact information stored in its CRM about corporate clients and prospects.

In an email seen by this website, and sent to affected customers this weekend, the company explained that it became aware of the security incident in December that saw a hacker access Interxion’s CRM system and run a report that contained information on as many as 23,200 contacts.

Interxion email

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Exposed information included the names of contacts at customers and prospects, their job titles, email addresses, phone numbers and other details.

“The business contact information that was accessed consisted of contact person’s names, job titles and (business) contact details such as (business) email addresses and phone numbers.”

“No financial or other sensitive customer data was accessed, or is stored within this system. We emphasise that this incident only affected Interxion’s CRM system and did not impact or involve any of the data centres or services that Interxion provides. No actions are required by you or any of our other customers and prospects regarding this incident.”

At the time of writing details of just how many Interxion customers and prospects are affected by the hack has not been made public.

In his email to affected customers, Interxion’s newly-appointed UK managing director Andrew Fray says that steps have been taken to harden the information stored in its CRM:

“Upon learning of this incident Interxion collaborated with our CRM supplier and has worked closely with our security team to ensure that all CRM information is secure. Measures have been taken to address this specific vulnerability. We have also informed the authorities in all of the appropriate jurisdictions.”

“Interxion proactively monitors these issues in real-time using the latest security techniques, and we have a strong track record of protecting our systems and CRM customer data. We will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of our IT systems and

Although it’s fortunate that further sensitive information was not stolen, there still remains the possibility that online criminals could use the information to contact Interxion’s business contacts and carefully-crafted phishing campaigns and other attacks.

If you do business with Interxion it would seem to me to be wary of any unusual communications you receive, and contact the company if you are in any way uncertain whether a communication from the firm is legitimate or not.

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