Howard Stern’s pal pleads guilty to identity theft

Ivy Supersonic
One of the benefits of being based in Great Britain is that I’ve so far managed to avoid ever hearing the Howard Stern shock jock radio show.

But media reports inform me that a zany associate of his, who goes by the name of Ivy Supersonic, has found herself in a spot of trouble with the law.

Ivy, whose real name is Ivy Silberstein, has pleaded guilty to counts of harassment and identity theft. The tattoo-covered fashion designer and party promoter had a long-running public feud with the owner of the New York Plumm nightclub which resulted in her jamming four of the club’s locks with super glue, and threatening to let loose 200 crickets inside the building.

Ms Supersonic, who has designed hats for celebrities as diverse as Pamela Anderson, Snoop Dogg and Hillary Clinton, told the Howard Stern show that she had also spray painted the outside of the club to tell customers that it was closed.

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Amidst all this nonsense, it’s perhaps easy not to notice that she also pleaded guilty to using her stepmother’s credit card without authorisation.

Before being given 20 days community service, and being ordered by the court to take an anger management class and pay $4,500 compensation, Ivy Supersonic stripped down to her bikini outside Manhattan Criminal Court and showed off her 30-plus tattoos.

You have to wonder what kind of message this sort of behaviour is sending out to people. Identity theft isn’t a joke, filling a business’s locks with glue isn’t a joke, and 30 is far too many tattoos for someone who is only 5 foot 2 inches tall.

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