FTC notifies almost 100 organisations of P2P data leaks

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
@[email protected]

The Federal Trade Commission has notified close to 100 US organisations of serious P2P-related security breaches that have exposed consumers to the risk of identity theft and fraud.

The use of P2P file-sharing networks to download music and movies opens the door for data loss both in the office and on consumers’ personal PCs, when users take work home in the evening or at weekends.

The worry is that there are now cybercriminal gangs who scavenge the file-sharing networks, hunting for sensitive work documents such as financial records, driving licences and social security numbers.

If not configured properly, Kazaa, Limewire and other P2P file-sharing networks can scoop up files on your computer that you would probably prefer the whole world didn’t have access to – not only embarrassing your company, but also putting your firm, your fellow employees and your customers at risk…

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