Emma Watson sex tape scam spreads on Facebook

Everybody should know by now that it’s a very bad idea indeed to click on any Facebook links that claim to be a leaked sex video of a world famous actress.

And yet, people still do.

The latest celebrity to have her name besmirched by scammers is Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

Emma Watson scam on Facebook

[VIDEO] Emma Watson star of Harry Potter made a sex tape

Full details of this latest scam are detailed by The Hacker News, who explain that clicking on the links takes users to what claims to be an “age verification” dialog.

Age verification dialog

Of course, the “age verification” is nothing of the kind. How would cutting-and-pasting a script into your browser’s address bar in anyway verify how old you were?

Instead, you are helping to help spread the scam for the fraudsters behind it, and put money in their pockets.

Behind the scenes, the link to the alleged Emma Watson sex video will be posted on the victim’s own Facebook wall, tagging their friends in a hope to spread the scam even further.

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In its article, The Hacker News speculates as to who might be behind the scam – but it’s not yet possible to point a finger with absolute certainty.

Scams like this wouldn’t spread if users thought with their heads rather than their trousers. Apply a little common sense, because you could be putting your computer – and your personal information – at risk.

In fact, if you’re a Hermione Granger fan who is constantly lusting after Emma Watson consider yourself particularly susceptible to these kinds of attacks.

Emma Watson appears to be bait that cybercriminals are particularly fond of deploying, in much the way that Britney Spears was in the early 2000s, with a number of recent “naked photo” scams involving the young actress lately.

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3 comments on “Emma Watson sex tape scam spreads on Facebook”

  1. Carson

    Its "The Hacker News", not "The Hacking News". The first one(with the link) you got right, the second one needs to be corrected.

  2. William k e i s e r

    The social media is being taken over by hackers especially from Nigeria South Africa to buy all them places okay they are rampant throughout Facebook signal Telegram and even Google Chat and all the other ones okay specially what's up but what's up has the new thing where they tell you the original IP address and if you see Nigeria delete that person right away cuz they're scamming you because they play these guys are in the chat room there and Africa playing women trying to get you to give them money through gift cards okay I guarantee it 100%. If you see any African IP address delete them and block them right away and notify the company now I did this with Facebook many times and I guarantee you that 40% of the people on Facebook are not who they said you are in the same with Instagram is your favorite Instagram and Facebook will do nothing about it absolutely nothing they don't care how much money they take from you or how much how fake they are they don't care and signal is totally overrun by Nigerian scammers that will play they have hundreds of profiles and they stole this stuff by hacking people's computers and stealing their pictures okay and they use their pictures like naked pictures and stuff to get guys to send them money thinking that these girls are interested in them it's not a girl it's a guy I guarantee you 100% And signal is the worst and signal is not doing anything about it at least WhatsApp is trying to do something by giving you the originating IP address and let you make up your own mind and when they started doing that I found out I started deleting people and blocking people right left because every person I was talking to what's fake so beware because the social media places and if you're looking for love and everything else you ain't going to find it on social media because you'll be one of the very few people if you ever do find somebody that's real very few people that actually have somebody real and actually have somebody that you can have a relationship with but if they ask you for money with an ex first couple days or two or three days or whatever I'm talking to them you can pretty much guarantee that they are fake and they're not who they say they are and the person behind that stole their information okay and the African government will absolutely do nothing about it Nigerian government they do absolutely nothing about it because that's the only income these people have is stealing from Americans at least that Nigerian government get some money from it okay and so they don't want to stop that income flow I didn't care if they have to get it from from stealing from Americans so I think we should actually cut off all Aid to all them country in Africa that will not do anything about these thieves and scammers

    1. Graham CluleyGraham Cluley · in reply to William k e i s e r

      I'd recommend using some punctuation if you post a comment in future. Hey, in fact, even paragraphs would be nice!

      It would make it easier for folks to read what you have to say, and engage in debate.

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