I Don’t Care button spam on Facebook

Graham Cluley

It’s possible that some of you are finding the seemingly endless wave of spammed-out scams on Facebook rather predictable. Clearly they must be working for the bad guys, though. Otherwise, why would they be putting effort into creating new variants of the scams to outsmart Facebook users into passing them on?

Here’s one of the latest – which claims to be something that many Facebook users would want – an “I Don’t Care Button”.

Finally!..The I Dont Care Button Is Here! Get It Now For Free..
The I Don’t Care Button Is Here
Get It Now And Show That You Don’t Care!
96% Wanted This and Now Its Here!.

If you were eager to show your general meh-ness about someone’s post on Facebook you might be keen for an “I Don’t Care” button, but clicking on the link takes you to a familiar-looking webpage which encourages you to “like” it and share the link with your friends, before you will be given anything else.

A clear reason to be…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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