Bobby Roberts hacker chain letter spreads quickly on Facebook

Facebook users are spreading a message to their online friends, warning each other about the danger of accepting a friend request from someone called Bobby Roberts.

According to the message, which has been shared widely across the social network, Bobby Roberts is a hacker who will “destroy everything”.

**WARNING!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS FROM ~~~ BOBBY ROBERTS ~~~ Profile picture is four colored pictures ~~ A hacker and fake name !!!! the name will DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! PLEASE… COPY THIS TEXT ON YOUR STATUS SO THAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE WARNED************* PASS THIS ALONG A.S.A.P

Should you be concerned? I don’t think so.

You see, the information included in the warning is rather unhelpful.

First of all, this guy’s name. Bobby Roberts. It’s not exactly an unusual name is it. How are people supposed to know the dangerous Bobby Roberts from harmless Bobby Robertses (Robertsi?). What if you know someone on Facebook called Bob Roberts or…

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