Bank refuses to pay ransom to hackers, sends dick pics instead

Bank refuses to pay ransom to hackers, sends dick pics instead

I’m not sure if it would be enough for me to switch bank accounts, but I have something of a sneaking respect for the Bank of Zambia.

As Bleeping Computer reports, Zambia’s central bank fell foul of a ransomware attack orchestrated by the Hive ransomware gang earlier this month.

In a press release, the Bank of Zambia reassured its customers, partners, and media that it had recovered from the attack:

Zambia bank press release

“The disruption, which affected some systems at the Bank such as the Bureau De Change Monitoring System and the Website, emanated from a suspected cybersecurity incident. We wish to advise that these systems have since been fully restored.”

Well, that’s good to know – but it’s not that that impresses me.

Rather it’s the claims that the bank responded to messages from its extortionists by sending them… a dick pic, with the accompanying message:

“Suck this dick and stop locking bank networks thinking that you will monetize something, learn to monetize.”

According to Bloomberg, the Bank of Zambia’s technical director Greg Nsofu decided it was capable of restoring its data itself, without the assistance of its wannabe-extortionists:

“Knowing that we had protected our core systems, it wasn’t really necessary for us to even engage” in a ransom conversation, Nsofu said. “So we pretty much told them where to get off.”

Yup, they sure did that.

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34 comments on “Bank refuses to pay ransom to hackers, sends dick pics instead”

  1. Billy Maddox

    Here here…….good job mates!

    1. depp · in reply to Billy Maddox

      IT'S HEAR HEAR , idiot

      1. Amber · in reply to depp

        Your the idiot..*slap*

        1. Depp · in reply to Amber

          "you're", not "your".

          1. That Guy · in reply to Depp

            Question: do you wonder why you sit home alone on weekends?


          2. bob · in reply to Depp
      2. Daniel · in reply to depp

        It's CIVILITY, douchebag

        1. depp · in reply to Daniel

          it's FREEDOM OF SPEECH egghead

          1. Bee · in reply to depp
          2. That Guy · in reply to depp

            The First Amendment to the Constitution doesn't apply with a companies chat board, Einstein


    2. Cameron Craig · in reply to Billy Maddox

      Yes I agree 100% I have a family and friends who are living in The Gambia area in west Central Africa I am a retired mechanical engineer who is sick of the BS around the world

  2. Vic

    What do banks and the porn industry have in common?

    If you think you answered this correctly #1 your Sick perverted mind #2 your wrong

    Want the answer?

    1. bird · in reply to Vic
    2. Ms.Curious · in reply to Vic

      Yes, want answer.

      Did you notice they left out the most ImPoRtAnT piece of info in the article? I mean, where's the pic?! Censorship, right? Thanks a lot Orwell.

    3. Bruce Fletcher · in reply to Vic
    4. That Guy · in reply to Vic

      Nah, mate, I'm good.

  3. San

    The contraction of "you are" is "you're". The word "your" means "belonging to you". Yer welcome.

  4. Shannon

    It's about time these assholes are told where to get off, enough is enough!!

  5. Eugene E. Burden

    When man is surrounded by cash and power, he loses his sense of dignity and restraint.
    Man becomes like a two-year-old left alone in a candy store.
    There just isn't enough.
    Time used to be filled with wonder and excitement.
    Now, time becomes a burden, an impediment like a responsibility.
    Those that go there, become worn and betrayed by the speed of time.
    Eugene Burden

  6. Frank paper

    I just want to know who's dick was in the photo??

    1. Wyjnk · in reply to Frank paper
      1. Leslie · in reply to Wyjnk

        Must have been a thumbnail.🤣🤣

    2. Randy Partch · in reply to Frank paper
    3. Malachi · in reply to Frank paper
  7. Retired Sys Sec Spec

    From a retired White Hat…Bravo!! I've been preaching daily and even hourly (for pharmacy clients) backups for decades, glad somebody is finally doing it.

  8. Growaset

    I'm moving my money!🤑

  9. Rodentman
  10. Your mama

    Wouldn’t it be more fun and useful to take the scam the scammer approach… tell them you sent the bitcoin and ask where you unlock code is… and keep string them along to waste their time as the do to others, without any intention to ever send them anything?
    I get it cane make you feel empowered by telling them off, but I assure you that they don’t care.

  11. Smoll

    Apparently there is some pretty badass IT people In Zambia, no pushovers, that's for sure. Good job.

  12. Yes

    Lol. I’m from zambia and the dick pic is cap

  13. Tsath

    The IT heroes we need.
    WElcome to Zambia aNd have a nice DaY

  14. Testes

    That's freaking awesome best shit I've heard all day

  15. Your momma's boyfriend with a big dick

    Never bullshit a bullshitter…..

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