Videos lost, and videos nasty

On November 23 1963, the day after John F Kennedy was shot, the first ever episode of my favourite TV show was broadcast here in the UK – “Doctor Who”.

I’ve been a fan of the programme all my life – in fact I think my earliest memory is of Jon Pertwee battling the Sea Devils as they rose out of the chilly water. If you haven’t heard of “Doctor Who” then there’s really not much time to explain. Basically, a guy with a screwdriver travels around time and space in a phone box, usually accompanied by a female “assistant” who falls over and twists her ankle.

Great *great* TV. And in 2005 it came back after umpteen years away, re-invigorated and re-imagined and better than ever before.

Some of the early episodes of the show from the 1960s were junked by the BBC, because they thought at the time that no-one would ever want to watch old fashioned black-and-white television shows. When videotape and DVDs were invented they quickly realised their mistake, and started campaigns urging…

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