VIDEO: Post-hack, is VTech taking security seriously?

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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Millions of families, including children, had their personal information exposed when electronic toymaker VTech was hacked.

But the company’s response appears to be: “Sod the kids’ privacy and security, the lawyers have covered our arse.”

Post-hack, does VTech take security seriously? | Graham Cluley

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VTech has made its choice. Savvy parents will makes theirs as well.

Learn more about how VTech has changed its terms & conditions in an attempt to absolve itself of responsibility for poor security, by reading this blog post by Troy Hunt.

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One comment on “VIDEO: Post-hack, is VTech taking security seriously?”

  1. Simon

    I guess it's easier to modify some T&C's than invest on the safety of consumer data and brand reputation…

    Granted, other tech companies have similar T&C's, but I'd imagine they're more proactive to begin with.

    VTech: Look at the forest, not just the trees! You've no doubt lost me as a customer.

    Shame they don't reside in the EU. It would've been good to see sanctions enforced for their data breaches.

    It took this incident for them to realise how slack/lame they've been. Good to see they at least have an SSL on their site…

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