US Presidential Race makes the security headlines

Graham Cluley

I’m in Boston at the moment having meetings with the good folks at Sophos Inc for a couple of days. Being stateside does give me the opportunity to indulge one of my guilty pleasures – following the machinations of the US Presidential Elections.

Last night, for instance, Barack Obama and John McCain participated in their second televised debate. It’s actually quite curious to compare what was billed as a lively “Town Hall”-style debate to the kind of riotous barracking we see regularly each week at Prime Minister’s Question Time back in the UK.

I can’t tell you what a pressure it is off my shoulders knowing that I don’t have the right to vote for the next American president, and that I can relax, lie back and watch the drama with a large bag of popcorn.

The drama surrounding the elections haven’t failed to leave a mark on the security headlines…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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