How the Twitter bug could have been much much worse

Graham Cluley

Twitter was left with egg on its face earlier this week, when a Turkish heavy metal fan stumbled across a bug in the micro-blogging site that allowed any user to force others to follow them.

17-year-old high school student Bora Kirca, from the Turkish city of Zonguldak, uncovered that if you tweeted the words

accept <username>

then <username> will begin to follow your tweets, even though they have never requested to.

As a result a number of celebrities and other high profile Twitter users found that they were suddenly following complete strangers that they had no interest in.

You might wonder how this chap discovered the flaw. Well, according to a Mashable report, Kirca is a fan of heavy metal band Accept, and when he posted a tweet saying

Accept pwnz

he suddenly…

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