Windows Update

Microsoft gaffe spooks users as weird Windows 7 update accidentally released

Good news – hackers hadn’t hijacked Microsoft’s Windows Update system. Bad news – users’ confidence will have been shaken again by Microsoft’s goof.

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Windows 10 continually rebooting? It could be a buggy update

Microsoft had a noble aim with making security updates mandatory for home users of Windows, but there is always the danger that a buggy update will end up causing more problems than it aimed to fix.

Windows 10 borked by automatic updates of Nvidia drivers

Windows 10! No more update headaches for home users – huzzah! Automatic updates save the day!

Umm… Oh dear. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all…

Samsung says it will update updater that disabled Windows Update

Quite why Samsung ever thought disabling Windows Update was a good idea is a mystery to me.

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It wasn’t malware that disabled Windows Update on your PC, it was Samsung

What do you want? Security patches direct from Microsoft, or updates to the OEM bloatware that came pre-installed on your Samsung notebook?

Windows XP end-of-support message to start popping up on Saturday

On Saturday 8th March, Windows XP users will start to see a message appearing on their computers.

And the message is pretty important…