Businesses falling short when it comes to cybersecurity, says Government report

A “sizable proportion” of businesses have still not put in place basic protection and policies to protect themselves from attack.

Is that true of your company?

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Hacking account passwords is easy, when 1 in 6 people use their pet’s name

“Fenton!”, “Tiddles!”, “Rover!”…

People are literally walking around parks shouting out their banking passwords.

Reporter had a stroke on live TV – Facebook scam

Facebook scammers exploit Serene Branson, after speculation spread that she had suffered a stroke while presenting from the Grammy Awards.

Viral Facebook scam: OMG! 92% of the people who watch this will fall asleep instantly

A Facebook social network scam says that 92% of people will fall asleep upon watching their video.

But, in reality, the only people with their eyes closed are the Facebook users who are unwittingly help scammers earn money through online surveys.

American guy must be stoned to death Facebook survey scam spreads quickly

Seen a message saying “This American GUY must be Stoned to De@th for doing this to a GIRL” spreading on Facebook?

It’s the latest survey scam outwitting Facebook users who aren’t thinking before they click..

Your own email Beware Facebook survey scam

A survey scam spreading virally on Facebook claims to give you an email address.

Don’t click on the links, and don’t give permission for rogue applications to access your profile!

How to clean-up your profile after a Facebook survey scam

Plagued by rogue applications and survey scams on Facebook?

Watch this video to learn how to clean up your profile, and stop spreading the nuisance messages to your online friends.

Win a robot, and help Sophos’s study of social networking threats

Every year we run an investigation into how many of you are being hit by threats (such as spam, malware and phishing) on social networks. Well, it’s that time again!

This year, to encourage you to help us, we’re offering a marvellous prize.

Dancing Snowman storms its way across Facebook

Facebook users are being tempted by a a snowman dancing like he’s at an early 1990s acid house rave – but should you really share the links with your friends?

Girl’s sexy Facebook video is disguise for survey scam

“Girl Caught by Dad While Making Video on Facebook” is really the latest in a long line of survey scams.

Want to know who has blocked you on Facebook? Survey scammers take advantage

Think a Facebook app can tell you which of your friends has blocked you? Think again. Scammers exploit social networkers once again with revenue-generating surveys.

Father catches daughter on her webcam? It’s a Facebook survey scam

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Free iPhone rogue applications run riot on Facebook

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Free 4000 Xbox Live Points survey scam spreads on Facebook

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Girl killed herself, after her dad posted this to her wall? No, a new spin on a Facebook scam

We’ve been monitoring a new spin on a Facebook scam, that claims a girl killed herself on Christmas Eve after her dad posted a message on her wall. Before we’ve documented both the related hoax warnings spread on Facebook, as well as scam pages that popped up trying to trick users into “liking” them, and the truth about the real woman’s death that has been exploited by heartless cybercriminals.

Identical twins meet on ChatRoulette? Another Facebook survey scam

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