ToTok chat app tells users to ignore Google’s spyware warning

Google is warning users that ToTok is unsafe. ToTok says that users shouldn’t trust Google’s warning…

Urgent! Update WhatsApp NOW to add new sticker support

Yes, you should update WhatsApp.

But not for the reasons they’re telling you.

Disgruntled programmer accused of trying to sell his firm’s iPhone spyware for $50 million

Your company doesn’t have to work in the field of high-tech surveillance and spyware to find itself at risk from insiders.

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China forces spyware onto Muslim’s Android phones, complete with security holes

Eight million Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic group, have been ordered by the Chinese authorities to install a spyware app onto their Android smartphones. And it’s insecure…

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Smashing Security podcast #067: Cyber stalking and gun control

Incognito mode on your browser not as private as you think, consumer spyware companies get hacked, Graham is accused of “multitasking” in his hotel room, and Carole champions the students of Parkland, Florida.

All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast with computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault.

Spyware abuses Telegram messaging app to target Iranian Android users

Unsuspecting Iranian users of the Telegram app, best watch out – or they could find themselves the target of Android spyware.

David Bisson reports.

Smartphone spyware targets investigators hunting for missing Mexican students

19 people investigating the mysterious disappearance in 2014 of 43 Mexican students have been targeted by sophisticated smartphone spyware known as “Pegasus.”

David Bisson reports.

Stealth Falcon spyware targeting critics of the UAE, say researchers

Researchers believe they have found evidence that suggests the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is developing its own custom spyware to monitor its enemies at home and abroad.

David Bisson reports.

Hacked spyware company seems to have released more Mac malware

Hacking Team, an Italian company which specialises in helping governments and intelligence agencies spy on their citizens, didn’t have the best year in 2015. But it may have recently released its latest piece of Mac malware.

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Linux trojan takes screenshots every 30 seconds, has ability to record sound

Researchers at Russian anti-virus firm Dr Web have uncovered a new Trojan horse for Linux that takes screenshots every 30 seconds and is capable of recording sound.

David Bisson reports.

Electronic tracking a partner without consent is acceptable, say 46% of young people

A new survey claims that almost half of all young people believe that electronically tracking partners through their computers and smartphones, or by installing spyware, is acceptable.

Technology has moved at a fast pace, but it seems the teaching of ethics has failed to keep up.

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How to stop a domestic abuser stalking you via your smartphone

The smartphone in your pocket – which may act as a valuable lifeline to friends and loved ones – might also be helping an abuser spy on you, read your private messages, and stalk your location.

FBI infected 15-year-old bomb threat twit with malware, by impersonating newspaper

The Seattle Times is furious, after discovering that the FBI stole its identity… to catch a bomb hoaxer.

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Kaspersky warns of Android game, not realising it is another security firm’s proof-of-concept

Kaspersky Lab says it has found a new Android Trojan, disguised as a game of Tic Tac Toe.

Lacoon Mobile Security says “Hang on a minute, we wrote that!”

Don’t jailbreak your iPhone if you want to stop government spyware

Should you jailbreak your iPhone?

Well, you should understand what it might mean to your security and privacy before you make that decision. Read my article on the Intego Mac Security blog.

Chinese Android smartphone comes with malware pre-installed

You may want to think twice before buying a cheap Star N9500 Android smartphone.

Not only does it reportedly have malware pre-installed, but it sounds like it’s not at all easy to clean it up.