Did hackers lead warplanes to Syrian hospital after targeting British surgeon’s computer?

BBC Newsnight broadcast phone number of surgeons working in war-torn Aleppo… and then the hospital was bombed.

Criminal gang says that they shut down Skype, says Steam is next

An online gang calling itself CyberTeam has claimed that it orchestrated an attack which saw Skype users in multiple countries around the globe unable to use the service for some hours earlier this week.

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What’s that noise? The sound of attackers logging your keystrokes via Skype

Perhaps users would be wise never to type out sensitive information like passwords when they’re on a Skype call.

David Bisson reports.

Skype users hit by ads spreading malicious Angler exploit kit

You don’t have to be using a web browser to be hit by malvertising.

David Bisson reports.

Advanced malware logs Skype calls, steals files from removable drives

Researchers have uncovered an advanced modular backdoor that is capable of logging victims’ Skype calls and copying files off removable drives.

David Bisson reports.

Skype finally hides your IP address, to protect against vengeful gamers

For too long streaming video gamers have suffered denial-of-service attacks and raids from police SWAT teams, often assisted by Skype leaking private IP addresses.

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Skype users told to change passwords, but will that stop spate of spoofed messages?

For some weeks, Skype users have been complaining on online forums that their accounts have been sending out spoof messages without their permission.

And no-one yet is quite sure as to why it’s happening…

Femmes fatales steal Syrian opposition’s Skype chats and military plans

Danger! Beware seductive women who contact you on Skype! Particularly, if you are working for opposition forces in Syria.

Kim Dotcom reveals his end-to-end encrypted video chat service, MegaChat

The ever-controversial hacker-turned-millionaire-entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced the public beta launch of an end-to-end encrypted audio and video chat service, which he calls MegaChat.

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Microsoft tweets advice about phishing, but too late to save Skype

I guess it’s as good time as any for Microsoft to help internet users learn how to spot a phishing attack. I hope they shared that advice with their colleagues at Skype as well.

Skype has its blog and Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

It may be a brand new year, but clearly the Syrian Electronic Army are not turning over a new leaf – with Skype the latest victim of the notorious hacking group.

Webcam chat blackmail leads to teenage boy’s suicide

Posting your Skype ID on Facebook or Twitter can be more dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Let’s hope that the blackmailers are brought to justice soon and appropriately punished.

German net users targeted by Skype email malware attack

SophosLabs has intercepted a malware attack, hitting many German internet users today, disguised as an email from Skype with the title “Wir haben Ihre Bestellung geliefert”.

Hacker blackmailed 350 women into stripping on their webcams, FBI says

The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old man, who they claim hacked the accounts of Facebook users, and coerced hundreds of women into stripping while he watched via Skype.

Learn more about this case, and a history of other hackers who have spied on their victims via webcams.

Skype users warned of serious security problem – accounts can be hijacked with ease

A serious security problem has been uncovered in Skype, which allows hackers to hijack accounts just by knowing users’ email addresses.

Malware attack strikes, posing as Skype password change notification

If Skype users didn’t have enough to worry about this week security-wise (with a worm spreading across the system), there’s now another threat to warn about.