The media chums up with LulzSec hackers once again

It’s incomprehensible to me, but the media has had a long love affair with hackers.

This week it’s the turn of Sabu, a founding member of LulzSec, who has the press fawning over him…

Three years on. Sabu, who betrayed his fellow LulzSec hackers, is due to be sentenced

One of the world’s most notorious hackers, who turned traitor on fellow members of the LulzSec hacking gang, is due to be sentenced today.

LulzSec suspect Ryan Cleary sent back to jail – for contacting Sabu

Ryan Cleary breached his bail agreement by using the internet..

.. to contact LulzSec leader Sabu (who just happened to be secretly working for the FBI).

Proof-of-concept RDP vulnerability code discovered. Patch Windows now

SophosLabs has seen proof-of-concept code on Chinese websites which attempts to exploit the recently announced Microsoft RDP vulnerability.

Patch your copies of Windows now.

Panda Security cleans up defaced websites after LulzSec arrest revenge attack

An anti-virus firm blogs about LulzSec and Sabu, and finds its webpages defaced by a vengeful Anonymous.

LulzSec ‘leader’ Sabu betrayed Anonymous hackers, reports claim

Infamous hacker Sabu is said to have betrayed his comrades in LulzSec and Anonymous, and have been working for the FBI for months.

Hector Xavier Monsegur has pleaded guilty to internet attacks, as others arrested on both sides of the Atlantic.