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How a boobytrapped QR code can trick iOS 11 into taking you to a malicious website

A security researcher has publicised a flaw in the latest version of iOS that could fool iPhone users into visiting a malicious website rather than a safe one.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

Rule #1: If you want something to be private, don’t broadcast it (even blurred out!) on TV

No problem that a private key is blurred out on screen. Two hackers still managed to descramble it.

Trouble paying the ransom? This ransomware provides QR code for mobile payment

A new ransomware strain provides victims with a QR code they can scan in order to make a mobile ransom payment.

David Bisson reports.

National Lottery fails to set a good security example to Android users

The National Lottery expects you to lower your Android phone’s security if you want to buy Lotto tickets with its app.

Is that a gamble you really want to take?

Heinz takes the heat over saucy porn QR code

Heinz gets itself in a pickle over a saucy QR code.

Grab that ketchup bottle, hold it tight and squeeze!