Metasploit website hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers… via fax

Rapid7’s Metasploit is the latest high profile website to fall foul of a pro-Palestinian group of hackers, who hijacked its DNS records.

And it seems the hackers used an old-fashioned fax message to commit their crime.

Vigilance saves Avast anti-virus from having its website pwned

It has been revealed that WhatsApp, AVG and Avira weren’t the only companies to be targeted by a pro-Palestinian hacking gang this week.

Find out how human vigilance saved one security company’s bacon.

WhatsApp website attacked by hackers, goes offline

Popular smartphone messaging app WhatsApp has had its website hacked by a pro-Palestinian group.

AVG and Avira anti-virus websites attacked by pro-Palestinian hackers

The websites of AVG and Avira, developers of some of the world’s most popular free anti-virus products, appear to have been hacked by a pro-Palestinian group.

Jewish Chronicle website hacked by ‘Palestinian Mujaheeds’

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Palestinian suspected of phishing Israeli bank accounts

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