New York

Google blames algorithm for adding porn titles to train station search results

If you searched on Google for details of your nearest train station in parts of New York state, you might be in for a rude surprise.

NY cops urge public to upgrade to iOS 7 to help fight phone crime

New York Police are urging iPhone users to upgrade their devices to iOS 7.

The reason? To deter phone thieves.

iPhone thief posts picture of himself seemingly smoking pot on victim’s Facebook page

Do you recognise this man?

If so, the police would like to hear from you.

NYC Traffic Ticket spam is really Blackhole malware attack

Have you received a traffic ticket from New York cops?

Or are you actually a target for a spammed-out malware attack?

Diplomat held at JFK airport with a lot of cash – a convoluted Nigerian email scam

A diplomat has been stopped at JFK airport in New York, carrying a lot of cash destined for your bank account.

Please send the certificate proving you own the money, or you’ll be charged with money laundering..

‘Pepper spray’ officer named by Occupy Wall Street activists

Should a New York policeman’s name, address and family details be published on the internet by activists – because he is alleged to have pepper-sprayed Wall Street protestors?

Uniform traffic ticket malware attack widely spammed out

Computer users beware! There’s a new widely spammed-out malware attack, claiming that you have being fined for speeding in New York City.

FBI searches homes of suspected Anonymous hacktivists in New York

Homes in Long Island and Brooklyn, New York, are raided by FBI agents searching for evidence related to a series of denial of service attacks.