How to manipulate Apple’s podcast charts, and get yourself a top-rated show

Unpopular podcasts are manipulating Apple Podcasts to artificially inflate their ranking, and get themselves a coveted place towards the top of the charts.

Twitter CEO says they’re taking no action against InfoWars and Alex Jones

It’s the same content that Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple banned. But Twitter isn’t doing anything.

Movie night? Nope. It’s a fake iTunes receipt from phishers targeting Apple users

Beware fake iTunes receipts for movies you haven’t purchased. When you try to dispute the purchase, you might find you’re handing online criminals your personal information.

David Bisson reports.

Upgrading to iOS 10 may have made your backups a lot faster to crack

Password cracking a local iTunes backup is now 2,500 faster than with iOS 9, claims Russian firm.

iTunes Connect service allowed developers to log into stranger’s accounts

Multiple iOS and Mac App Store developers have reported that when they tried to log into iTunes Connect they are not taken to their own account, but that of a completely random *other* developer.

Buggy iTunes 11.2 update opened serious security hole on Apple Macs

Did the /Users folder on your Apple Mac disappear into thin air?

It turns out that was just a symptom of a more serious problem, introduced by the iTunes 11.2 update. Find out more and make sure you download an update to the update.

Hackers deface Viber in iOS App Store, release staff passwords

“We created this app to spy on you, PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT!”

Hardly what you would expect to read on the page promoting Viber’s app.

Twitter spammers entice clicks with free iTunes gift cards

Beware free iTunes gift card spammers on Twitter – and learn how to fight back against them.

Free Apple iTunes Giftcard scam spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are being tricked into helping scammers earn money, in the mistaken belief that they will receive a free $25 Apple iTunes Giftcard.

Chinese auction site sells thousands of stolen iTunes accounts

Hackers are selling access to stolen iTunes accounts on Chinese auction site Taobao.

Are you taking enough care with your iTunes and other online accounts?

Mystery surrounds iTunes/PayPal web scam

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Sophos iPhone app – free download now available

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Danger! Fake $50 iTunes certificate carries malware

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Spammers spread Viagra adverts as iTunes invoice

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