Slack response. Passwords reset four years after data breach

Slack would have been wiser – in an abundance of caution – to reset all of its users’ passwords back in March 2015.

After all, leaving it until four years later looks a little bit… slack.

Australian teen who hacked into Apple and stole 90 GB of files avoids jail

An Australian teenager who hacked into Apple’s network on multiple occasions over several months and stole sensitive files has been told that he will not be imprisoned.

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How a hack almost sprung a prisoner out of jail

In an audacious attack, a hacker attempted to get his friend released from prison early.

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Russian hackers likely targeted journalists investigating Flight MH17

When investigative journalists reporting on the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine are targeted by hackers, it doesn’t take long before conclusions are made as to who might be responsible.

David Bisson reports.

Hacker downloads 2.2 million PLAINTEXT passwords from teen social site

An unknown hacker has downloaded 2.2 million plaintext passwords from a teen social site. To make matters worse, a further 3.3 million are up for grabs…

David Bisson reports.

Steemit experienced hack, theft of user funds, and DDoS attack

Steemit recently experienced both a hack that resulted in the theft of users’ funds and a DDoS attack.

David Bisson reports.

Hackers steal $55 million from Boeing supplier

Aerospace parts manufacturer FACC wasn’t hacked for its data or intellectual property, but instead for cold hard cash.

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656,723 reasons to regret going to Wetherspoon’s

Wetherspoon’s, the highly popular British chain of pubs, famous for its cheap booze, Thursday curry club and lack of pretension, has had its customer database hacked – exposing over 650,000 customers.

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Touchnote hacked – tells users to reset their passwords

Touchnote, an online service which takes your digital photographs and then sends them to loved ones as a physical postcard, has been hacked.

Nearly 157,000 TalkTalk customers had their personal details hacked

TalkTalk talks numbers – revealing that “only 4%” of its users were affected by the hacking attack on its systems.

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Inquiry into TalkTalk hack has its own web security issue

As the UK Parliament is not following best practices on its own website one wonders how the gall to investigate the TalkTalk breach…

TalkTalk hack. Police arrest fourth person, aged 16 years old

Another 16-year-old arrested as police round-up suspects in the TalkTalk hacking case.

TalkTalk was hacked. But it’s silly to ask if the data was encrypted

Alan Solomon argues that data encryption is irrelevant in the case of the TalkTalk hack.

Experian hacked, but it’s 15 million T-Mobile customers who are put at risk

T-Mobile’s CEO says he is “incredibly angry”.

The reason? Hackers have stolen information about 15 million people – all of whom had interacted with T-Mobile either as customers or potential customers.

But it wasn’t T-Mobile who got hacked…

Did Carphone Warehouse hackers use a DDoS attack as camouflage?

Report suggests that the hack against Carphone Warehouse was disguised with a denial-of-service attack.

Carphone Warehouse hacked: 2.4 million customer records at risk

Carphone Warehouse warns that hackers have accessed the personal information and bank details of millions of customers.